Trucking Moves America Forward

Many are not aware of the significant impact that trucks have in our everyday lives. Millions of trucks travel across the country every day delivering essential products to keep our businesses, families, and national economy going. When trucks stop moving, America stops moving.

                In an effort to revamp the industry’s image, the announcement of a fundraising movement was proposed in October’s meeting at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition. The campaign is called “Trucking Moves America Forward.” The goal is to show trucking in a positive light, highlighting the importance that the industry serves to families and businesses in America, in a way no other industry does. The ATA wants to send the message to the general public, as well as policymakers, that the work they do is good.  With the industry supporting almost 7 million jobs-and growing, trucks are vital to the economic growth in America.

                ACT 1, is an initial founding member of the movement and began the campaign with a $100,000 donation. John Conklin, President of ACT 1, spoke at a news conference saying:

“We want to reach policy makers at the state and federal levels as well as grass roots supporters throughout the nation and also the general public who may not know much about the trucking industry.  We also want to reach out to those who dislike the trucking industry today to share our message about the kind of trucks on the road today — trucks that are safe, reliable, efficient, environmentally conscious and technologically advanced. At last, but most importantly, it’s to tell our individual stories of what trucking has meant to us, our families, our businesses and our lives.”         

The campaign will be fully launched at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louiseville in March 2014. To learn more about the campaign you can visit . Here you can find creative materials such as videos, industry news, and fun facts about the trucking industry’s role in America.