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Nearly 2,000 brokers lose operating licenses following warning notice on higher surety bond limits – DC Velocity

Article: Nearly 2,000 brokers lose operating licenses following warning notice on higher surety bond limits – DC Velocity. DC Velocity By: Mark B. Solomon “Nearly 2,000 property brokers have lost their operating authority this week after failing to comply with a new Congressionally mandated increase in surety bonds used to pay claims by truckers for… Read more »

22nd Annual Study of Logistics and Transportation Trends: Masters co-create value – Logistics Management

Click here for article: By Mary C. Holcomb, Ph.D., and Karl Manrodt, Ph.D., Contributing Editors September 01, 2013 The Masters of Logistics have developed strategic partnerships with carriers that enable them to keep costs low while providing innovative service to their customers—and our data show that this value-added perspective is leading to performance that is… Read more »

President Obama’s new transportation proposal for 2014

On April 10, Obama released a transportation budget proposal for 2014. “The budget provides a total of $76.6 billion in discretionary and mandatory funding for the Department of Transportation, plus an additional $50 billion to jumpstart economic growth and job creation through immediate infrastructure investment.” Obama hopes that the new budget will serve as a… Read more »

A look at the Logistics Market for March 2013

Georgia Logistics assembles a set of facts and figures concerning the Logistics Market every month. Here are some of the highlights taken directly from the report: • Dow Jones Transportation index rose 3.9% during the month of February. • The USDOT’s freight transportation services rose 1.2% in January 2013. The index’s reading of 111.3 was… Read more »

Did you know?

For most companies, transportation cost is 5-6% of total revenue. Consequently, even small improvements can mean thousands in savings. -Transport Distribution Services is able to save most companies between 10-50% on their transportation costs. -Better logistics means safe delivery! Our damage claim rate is one of the lowest in the industry. (.001875 vs. industry avg… Read more »