The Route to More Savings and Service

Client profile: A supplier of tire inflators and vacuums for gas stations and car washes – with approximately $100 million in annual sales. This company also “owns” the routes to service the machines and collect revenues.

The Challenge: With freight moving daily from different manufacturers to their branches all over the country, as well as routing from vendors to various manufacturing locations and shipping between branches this client had comprehensive shipping needs. It wanted to reduce costs and streamline logistics, to improve internal efficiencies.

TDS Solution: By setting up the client – and its vendors – on our online LEAN-Flow System, we transformed their shipping virtually overnight. They simply go online and fill out the bill of lading and we handle the rest. They avoid all the phone calls and carrier decisions that were slowing them down.

Tangible Result: By providing best-cost pricing on large orders and one-stop shopping for less-than-truckload plus other freight, we saved this client 10% in costs. We also improved transit times by one to two days, and saved the client countless man-hours.