Driving savings, visibility and cost reductions

"This is the first time we've had a uniform pricing system. It has greatly improved our ability to manage costs and plan for the future!"

Client profile

A manufacturer of tanker trucks, flatbeds, dump trucks and material handling tanks used in the construction industry in the Midwest and northwest – with approximately $175 million in annual sales.

The Challenge

They wanted to bring more visibility, information sharing, and cost reductions to their transportation system – which included 21 different locations – to improve their productivity, profitability and operational planning.

TDS Solution

Our all-encompassing, online Transportation Management System made viewing shipping data easy, and created new efficiencies by having one service provider coordinate all of their shipping needs. We also delivered a customized uniform pricing program that offered more value versus their previous carriers.

Tangible Result

Our logistical efficiencies and uniform pricing produced a 20% cost reduction in the first year of the program, and helped stabilize the effects of carriers’ rate increases each spring. In addition, the improved visibility has helped make the company more streamlined and smarter when planning for the future.