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Study says hours of service rules will cost industry $322 million more yearly.

According to a study released this week by the American Transportation Research Institute, the new hours-of-service changes will cost the trucking industry $322 million more than the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had anticipated.             ATRI is the research wing of the American Trucking Association and is known for their opposition to the new rule…. Read more »

Technology Improving Driver Safety

Corporate fleet managers are now using recording devices, such as in-cab cameras, to monitor driver behavior. The goal is to improve safety and use fuel more efficiently. Many companies have reported that they have already seen a major reduction in vehicle incidents since they have installed the in-cab cameras. Lily Transportation Corp. in Needham, Mass…. Read more »

President Obama’s new transportation proposal for 2014

On April 10, Obama released a transportation budget proposal for 2014. “The budget provides a total of $76.6 billion in discretionary and mandatory funding for the Department of Transportation, plus an additional $50 billion to jumpstart economic growth and job creation through immediate infrastructure investment.” Obama hopes that the new budget will serve as a… Read more »

General Stanley McChrystal keynote speaker at MMAF dinner

Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund (MMAF) is proud to announce that General Stanley McChrystal, former commander of the Joint Special Operations Command and Director of the Joint Staff, will keynote our next fundraising dinner. A West Point graduate and author of My Share of the Task, McChrystal brings an unparalleled perspective of Middle Eastern affairs. With an… Read more »

Cargo theft falls 20% in 2013

According to a report released by FreightWatch International, a total of 199 cargo thefts occurred nationally from December 2012 to February 2013. This represents a 20% decrease from the month of September through November 2012. The average load value of the goods stolen during December through February 2013 was $133,711. Compared to the thefts during the period from September to… Read more »

No delay scheduled for new Hours of Service rule

Despite many court challenges and pleas for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to delay the July 1st new Hours of Service rule enforcement, Anne Ferro, head of the FMCSA, says there will be no postponement. “It’s been out for 15 months now. That’s lots of time to prepare. The changes offer safety benefits that… Read more »

A look at the Logistics Market for March 2013

Georgia Logistics assembles a set of facts and figures concerning the Logistics Market every month. Here are some of the highlights taken directly from the report: • Dow Jones Transportation index rose 3.9% during the month of February. • The USDOT’s freight transportation services rose 1.2% in January 2013. The index’s reading of 111.3 was… Read more »

Diesel fuel down to $4.047 this week.

Diesel fuel fell for a third consecutive week. For the week of 3/18/2013, the national average pump price for diesel is $4.047. For more information on fuel:

The new Hours-of-Service rule

The government has recently implemented new Hours-of-Service rules further regulating the number of hours that drivers can operate their trucks. Beginning on July 1, 2013, the final provisions of the Hours-of-Service rules will be enforced. The new rule states that truck drivers will not be allowed to drive if more than 8 consecutive hours have passed since their… Read more »